Vertex 2021 Autumn 1v1 Cup
Vertex 1v1

Start Date:
Double elimination
Bracket Size:
Basic Settings 1. Game mode: Team Deathmatch 2. Score limit: 10 3. Time limit (per round): 10 minutes 4. Default game.ini settings with: a. Single: 15 base damage / 2.5 tick damage b. Staff: 17 base damage / 1 tick damage c. Duals: 14 base damage / 0.8 tick damage Rules 1. Match format: First to 10 kills or 10 minutes. a. If the score is equal after 10 minutes, a new round starts with full hp and golden frag. 2. Server choice: If the players cannot agree on a server, the game is moved to the other player's server of choice after 5 minutes or 5 kills. The first server is decided by coin flip. 3. The default map is Bespin Courtyard. The players can unanimously agree on a different map. If no agreement is reached, the match is played on Bespin. 4. Results reporting: The results can be reported on JKL via jpg screenshot. 5. All players are obliged to schedule their match with anticipation and are asked to participate only if they have sufficient time during the relevant time frame. If a match cannot be scheduled in a just manner, the VCA staff can decide to disqualify the responsible players. 6. Time wasting: if a player wastes time during a match in an obviously unsportsmanlike manner, then a demo can be submitted and reviewed by VCA staff. If agreed to be time wasting, the match is then forfeited by the player with poor conduct. 7. Laming: If an afk or chatting player takes damage, the match can be repeated if he wishes so. 8. Disconnect: If a player disconnects due to internet connection problems or other issues, such as fatal errors, either a proof must be provided to justify repetition or the opponent can decide to repeat the match. 9. In case of exceptional problems, the issue will be managed by the VCA staff. If a VCA staff member is included, another staff member will settle the case. Server List 1. 'Vertex Competitive' servers (EU) 2. CUNTS HQ: lite (EU) 3. Jedi Temple (NA) 4. RUJKA servers (RU)