1. Term Definitions

  • YBE Proxy – This refers to a server-side modification for anti-cheat precautions.
  • FOV – Field of View, a value controlled by the cvar cg_fov. This can be used to increase player vision.
  • TPR – Third Person Range, a value controlled by the cvar cg_thirdpersonrange. This can also be used to increase player vision.
  • BO3 – A match style of Best of three. BO3 matches are matches decided by three rounds, where the winner is determined by whoever has won two of the three rounds.
  • Timenudge – Controlled by the cl_timenudge cvar. This cvar impacts client prediction, and it is often associated with odd blocks and unusual range hits.
  • Max Packets – Controlled by the cl_maxpackets cvar. This is one of the client networking commands that may affect registry.
  • Rate – Controlled by the rate command. This is another client networking command.
  • Snaps – Controlled by the snaps command. This is another client networking command.
  • Server Frame Rate – Controlled by the sv_fps command through rcon. This is the rate of server frame ticks that is often associated with an impact on damage and blocking on a server.
  • Map Glitch – Forms of exploits that involve being able to pass through or enter into various map brushes in the game.
  • Laghack – The use of networking or framerate manipulation to gain an advantage by lagging, typically in the form of things like “ping x” commands to extend the duration of a swing.
  • Laming – Typically the action of killing an unprepared or unarmed opponent intentionally.
  • Butterfly – A form of mobile kata for both the Dual and Staff sabers that is accomplished by pressing Forward + Jump + Attack.
  • Aimbot – A type of cheat intended to give the player an advantage by assisting with aim.
  • Wallhack – A type of cheat intended to allow the player to see their opponents through walls.
  • Engagement – Engagement is the concept of being within a reasonable distance to a fight and being actively willing to participate in battle with the opponent.
  • TFFA – Team Free For All, or Team Death Match mode.
  • FFA3 – This is the Tatooine map for Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy. Its map name is mp/ffa3.
  • Duel1 – This is the Bespin duel map for Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy. Its map name is mp/duel1.

2. Ladder Structure

2.1 Match Organization

  • All matches are two rounds & winner is determined by fragtotal. This includes when facing opponents in the same region. Each player may choose a server and map for their round (only 20/30fps basejka servers from JKL, B2B, RUJKA, SAO and OCE are allowed). Please find the most even ping for both players.
  • For SA vs EU/CIS (or similar scenarios where pings are extreme), both rounds will be played on the NA server with the most even ping, unless both players agree on playing 1 round in each of the local regions.
  • Only default duel maps allowed for 1v1 rounds, unless both players agree to play on a custom map (please, notify the server admin in time to add the map).
  • The round ends when a player reaches 10 frags or when the clock reaches 10 minutes. There is no golden frag; if the score is tied at 10 minutes, the round is over. If the fragtotal is tied at the end of both rounds, the match results in a tie.
  • All 1v1 matches must be played in duel mode.

2.2 Ladder Progression

  • Ladders are held using an ELO rating system.
  • All players begin the ladder at 1600 points. Point values are increased or decreased based on wins and loses.
  • Players are awarded higher benefits for defeating higher level opponents.
  • In ties, the lower-level player will gain ELO points while the higher-level player will lose them. Players will not gain or lose as much as they would from wins or loses.
  • Players can only play against the same player a maximum of once per day and three times per week.

3. General League Rules

3.1 Documentation

  • All matches must have screenshots and demo files available for review as evidence of the match and for ensuring quality of the match. Failure to provide proper documentation for a match will result in a technical violation (See: §5.1). Due to the limitations of the software in terms of what can be uploaded for match reporting, only one player needs to report the match results, however, both players should have all appropriate files on-record in case we request them for review.
  • Witnesses and admin referees are not a substitute for proper documentation. Screenshots and demos must still be provided to ensure the quality of the match, shown from the player’s perspective. A third-party witness is permitted to provide documentation for a player if requested.
  • Failure to provide a screenshot or demo of your match will result in the admin team needing to review the other available information to the best of our abilities. Interpretation of available data is at the discretion of the admin team, and matches can be voided if we are uncertain of the results. If no screenshots or demos are presented from either party, the match is void.
  • Players who leave and rejoins the ladder in order to reset their Elo/stats will be banned from the competition.

4. Match Rules

4.1 Game preparations

  • You must play with a nickname that relates to your cup nickname. Usage of colors and symbols for decoration, as well as the clan tag are allowed, however, one must be easily able to tell who you are.
  • Each team may have up to a 10 minute warmup period before the match begins.
  • Some agreements can be made between teams as long as they are approved by an admin. This includes things such as using a server without Ybe Proxy, alternative server settings, or alternate match win conditions (frag or time limits). No changes to established caps on cvars will be approved (e.g. asking to change TPR or timenudge allowances).

4.2 Game Requirements

4.2.1 Client-Side Settings

  • Timenudge must be set to zero (0). Verified using /netstatus
  • Rate may be set to a value suitable for your connection.
  • Maximum FOV of 100.
  • Maximum TPR of 100.
  • Minimum Max Packets of 60, maximum of 100. Verified using /netstatus
  • Minimum Snaps of 30. Verified using /netstatus

4.2.2 Server-Side Settings

  • Servers must run on pure basejka or with YbeProxy.
  • Server frame rate locked at 20 or 30.
  • Saber-only. Pickups, weapons, and force must be disabled.
  • Timelimit 10 for 1v1, 2v2 & 3v3/4v4.
  • Fraglimit 10 for 1v1; Fraglimit 20 for 2v2; Fraglimit 0 for all others.

4.3 Illegal Actions

4.3.1 Exploits

  • Any form of map glitch abuse is strictly forbidden during matches. This includes both glitching inside of and glitching through structures of the map.
  • Any form of texture glitch or other means of wallhacking is also strictly prohibited.
  • Utilizing networking to gain an advantage (for example, laghacking) is also forbidden.
  • Killing a player by jumping on him while he’s using an elevator, or by baiting them under an elevator, is not considered a violation. However, excessive use of this tactic may result in a §4.3.4 violation.

4.3.2 Modified Content

  • The use of modified sabers is forbidden. This includes all custom sabers, and any server-side modifications to base sabers. Violation of this rule will lead to severe penalties.
  • By default, some base saber hilts are slightly longer than others (Firebrand and Defender). The use of these hilts is not considered an illegal move. Using a shorter base hilt is considered an at-your-own-risk choice, and all matches conducted while using unmodified base hilts will still be considered valid.
  • The only allowed models and skins are those you can choose by default when you select “Profile” in the main menu. Custom models created with the game’s character creator are considered legitimate. All other models and skins, be it custom files or models/skins only accessible via cvar command, are not allowed to be used.

4.3.3 Third-Party Software/Patches

  • The usage of third-party clients, such as EternalJK, is allowed, but previously mentioned settings must be forced. Furthermore, all restrictions of the original BaseJAMP client beyond rule-approved extensions must be followed and may never be abused. This includes the use of any wallhack or other such similar abusage that may be built into a third-party client. Any third-party program use that provides an illegal advantage over opponents will result in the match being voided, and sanctions imposed on the offending player (See: §5.2.5)

4.3.4 Excessive avoidance of enemy contact

  • Passive play is permitted, but excessive evasiveness is prohibited.
    • Avoidance is defined by running, jumping, hiding, or any other form of evasion that results in non-engagement that is specifically intended and purposed for avoiding the enemy to disallow them the opportunity to score for an extended length of time.
    • Hiding can refer to both remaining out of sight of the opponents, and to players trapping themselves in hard-to-reach, reasonably unplayable parts of the map in order to give themselves an advantage.
    • Leading opponents into a trap or attempting to draw the fight into another area of the map is not inherently a violation of this section. Continued retreating is considered a violation.
    • An active chase in which two opponents are close and engaged in attempted trades while travelling is not considered a violation of this section.

4.3.5 Intentionally killing/laming

  • Intentionally killing/laming someone that has their chat bubble up will be penalized as unsportsmanlike behavior. This does not apply to opponents who become disarmed or choose to have their sabers down. It is the player’s responsibility to put up their chat bubble when there is an issue.
    • Camping a player who has their chat bubble up and waiting for it to go down in order to free-kill them will also be considered unsportsmanlike behavior.
    • Accidental kills when someone has their chat bubble up will not be penalized, but the frag will be removed from the score unless it was clearly an inevitable kill (such as a mid-air strike).

4.3.6 Intentional Enemy Obstruction / Delay of Game

  • The intentional abuse of a chat bubble to cause an enemy to be unable to hit you or to force them to commit a violation is forbidden.
    • Excessive use of the chat bubble or any other means to delay the game, delay a player’s return to the fight, or attempt to force a remake of the round is also forbidden.

4.3.7 Excessive usage of special moves

  • Staffers are allowed to use a maximum of 5 butterfly moves during a round of 10 minutes, and a maximum of 7 during a round of 15 minutes.
  • Exceeding the butterfly allowance will result in a technical violation.

5. Sanctions

5.1  Technical Violations

5.1.1 Warnings and Penalties

  • Warnings will be issued for most technical violations before any penalty is imposed. Exceptions to this will be in cases where the technical violation is clearly and without a doubt intentional.
    • Only one warning will be issued per round per match for any given technical violation. Multiple warnings may be issued regarding several different technical violations. 
    • Refusal to comply with a warning will result in disqualification from the match. Continued refusal to comply, or intentional non-compliance will result in escalation to §5.3.1 penalties.
    • Out-of-game warnings (such as those associated with §3.2 violations) may occur more than once without immediate penalty, at the discretion of the admin team.
    • In-game violations that result in an impact on the score but not a void of the match may have frags added or removed at the discretion of the admin team in order to correct the violation’s impact on the outcome.

5.1.2 Designated Violations

  • Actions considered to be technical violations include actions under the following sections: §3.2 §4.2.1, §4.3.1, §4.3.4, §4.3.5, §4.3.6, §4.3.7
  • In rare cases, an unsportsmanlike conduct offense may be considered a technical violation instead if it is minor enough at the discretion of the admin team.

5.2 Unsportsmanlike Conduct

5.2.1 Warnings and Penalties

  • Except in the most severe cases, all unsportsmanlike conduct offenses will first be addressed with a warning.
  • There will be a three-strike rule applied to players with unsportsmanlike conduct offenses before penalties are incurred. The admin team reserves the right to void this and apply immediate penalties in cases that are considered to be severe enough (See: §5.3).
  • In-game violations that result in an impact on the score but not a void of the match will have frags added or removed at the discretion of the admin team in order to correct the violation’s impact on the outcome.
  • Unsportsmanlike conduct offenses can be penalized by exclusion in some future events and/or having the ladder be reset or being kicked from the ladder.

5.2.2 Offensive Conduct

  • Offensive conduct includes words, actions, or intentions that are deemed harmful to play.
  • Examples of word-based offensive conduct include excessive trash-talking, discriminatory speech (racism, sexism, etc.), threats, and intentional distractions (e.g. spamming a bind in chat).
  • Examples of action-based offensive conduct include killing players with a chat bubble up, active refusal to follow proper procedures during matches, and other unruly behavior.
  • Examples of intention-base offensive conduct include attempting to violent rules intentionally or using actions or words to strongly imply other offensive conduct described above.

5.2.3 Fake / Multiple Accounts

  • Players are only allowed one account, in order to ensure the integrity of the ladder. Creating multiple or fake accounts will result in the suspension of all accounts associated with the user.
  • If you have a justifiable reason for having multiple accounts (e.g. a sibling who wants to participate) you must first get the approval of the admin team.

5.2.4 Deceptive Actions

  • Deceptive actions include any action that carries intent to deceive the admin team or other players. This can include (but is not limited to) actions such as falsifying documents, lying about client settings, or lying about events that occurred during a match.
  • Deceptive action will lead to an immediate loss of all involved matches, regardless on whether the deception had a significant impact on the outcome of those matches.

5.2.5 Cheating

  • Cheating includes any action that violates the rules to give a player an unfair advantage over others in a match. This includes things such as using timenudge, wallhacks, aimbot, or other such violations.
  • Cheating will lead to an immediate loss of all involved matches, regardless on whether the cheating had a significant impact on the outcome of those matches.

5.2.6 Other Violations

  • Any action under §5.1.2 technical violations can be considered unsportsmanlike conduct if there is sufficient reason to believe they were committed intentionally.

5.3 Severe Violations

  • While JKLeague is not responsible for any actions taken by players outside of our scope, we reserve the right to consider outside actions when determining to allow a player to participate in the ladder or out events, and we reserve the right to use exterior events as a justification for sanctions on players if they are deemed severe enough. This is especially relevant in the case of violations of §5.3.4.

5.3.1 Repeat Offenders

  • Repeated offenses that total 3 or more significant infractions of unsportsmanlike conduct in a year span can result in a permanent ban from all future involvement in the JKLeague.
    • Excessive technical violations may also result in temporary or permanent suspension from future involvement.

5.3.2 Excessive Unsportsmanlike Conduct

  • In extreme cases, JKLeague admins reserve the right to weigh and punish severe or excessive unsportsmanlike conduct in whatever way is deemed appropriate. This may include a permanent ban from future involvement with JKLeague.

5.3.3 Large-Scale Violations

  • Multiple charges of more than one type of unsportsmanlike conduct offenses can result in an automatic permanent ban from all future involvement in the JKLeague.

5.3.4 Crashing/DDoSing

  • Anyone found to have crashed or DDoS’d servers related to JKLeague will be permanently banned from all future involvement with JKLeague.
    • Anyone found to have conspired with someone who has used crashes and/or DDoS on JKLeague servers is also subject to significant sanctions at the discretion of the admin team which can include a permanent ban.

5.4 Appealing Decisions

5.4.1 Appeals Process

  • Players have the right to appeal any sanctions imposed on them.
    • Appealed matches will be taken under consideration by the admin team and decided by majority vote.
    • JKLeague has a zero-tolerance policy for crashing and DDoS offenses and appeals of offenses of this nature will only be taken into consideration for re-evaluation of evidence against the player. Confirmed instances of crashing and/or DDoSing will never have their sanctions revoked.

5.4.2 Successful Appeals

  • If an appeal is successful, the sanction associated with it will be lifted.
  • If it is determined that the sanction imposed was in error, the incident will be stricken from the record. Sanctions that have been forgiven but were not in error will remain on the record and will be taken into consideration in the event of future violations.